Renae Justin  Interior Designer

Lasting Impressions Design Inc. was founded in 1998 by its owner and interior designer, Renae Justin. Born and raised in Southern California, Renae knew from a very young age that she had a knack for design. As a child, when she wasn't completing an art project, she was drawing floor plans on graph paper, and rearranging her bedroom furniture for fun!

In 2001 Renae graduated from the University of Minnesota receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. During this time she completed an internship with a successful design-build firm. This experience sealed her love of exquisite interior architecture and finishes. Working closely with an architect taught Renae to look at interiors with a critical eye; paying close attention to the entire design process from drafting blueprints to finish trim and accessories.

Renae enjoys the entire design process. Her understanding and experience of space, light, color and texture allow her to design in 3-D. Not just imagining, but knowing exactly what the results of the key ingredients of design are. Her creativity and zest will inspire you, while her attention to detail will guide you. You can trust the decisions that Renae makes because the finished design is already embedded in her mind.

Renae is accomplished in a variety of interior design fields, although her passion lies in residential interior design. Browse through her personal portfolio of pictures online to learn more about her projects.


It's simple. Love your home. Make it a reflection of you.


On a personal note:


"I love my family!" I enjoy the privilege of staying home with my children; Grace, Lily, Tori and Sam, in order to train them in their education, personal growth and development. I am thankful my husband Jason supports me in all my endeavors, and encourages me to be who God created me to be.

We keep busy with activities our whole family enjoys; bike riding and camping in the warm summer months, and skiing during the winter. In my free time I enjoy gardening, or reading about gardening when I can't get my fingers dirty! I thoroughly enjoy entertaining, and it thrills me to set the ambiance for each dinner party, birthday or holiday.

My interior design experience has taught me some valuable lessons. If I could pare it down to three important tips, here's what I would say:

First, de-clutter! More than half of the design dilemmas I encounter with clients can be solved with simply getting rid of excess- and having an identified (put away) spot for things. Clear the counter-tops, end tables and dining room table. Your mail and paperwork should be kept organized in a home office, file cabinet or drawer. Not strewn about the house.

Second, take pictures of your space, (as is). This will provide a completely different perspective of your room. Take pictures from different angles, print them and analyze. It's amazing what you see when you look at your space in 2-D.

Lastly, after you have cleared the excess, photographed your space, it's time to evaluate. Could this room benefit from an updated color palette? Does the room have enough light? Is the furniture layout comfortable and functional- or is it tired and seen better days? 

Doing right the first time saves a lot of time, money and headaches! The usual response to the emergency design dilemma is always the same, "I should have called you in the first place!